Is it a new design layout? A hue is important



I gather main Stone of many jewelry and make newly one jewelry


I prepare various jewels and try very many combinations.


While feeling a design image in this way; ...


A hand of Sachi.


It is Paraiba of the best product in Brazil


Is such a rhodochrosite not available anymore?


A customer and jewelry lunch



Today absent ...



A dragon nestles near a jewel; and ・・


A rose of the jade is big, and who that carving is reliable brightens it?


Padparadscha Sapphire of the center harks back to the fruit of a sweet southern country so that there is a sweet fragrance


The skyscraper of ..19 25 minutes that people come and go happily between the buildings of a dazzling advertisement signboard.


wrap up a finger kindly・・Trifurcate


It is ・・. to a trip to space which is endless on a spaceship


Ancient earth, jewel ・・. which is brought up



What is there after this?


It is ideal day for a blue sky, a walk falling out.


When put up water, get well in several hours; is great.


A Smoky quartz shines in a center.