- On the occasion of jewelry award winning-


I am so grateful for Yasuhiko Hishida award.


My heart is filled with the emotion.


When I was young and was studying the jewelry design, my main focus was to express my feeling through the work.


In the midst of the busy life, compared to the past award, I am specially emotional at this time.


And this is the opportunity to think about the attitude toward my future work.


If I say that the animation of Osamu Texuka inspired me to get into the jewelry design, some people laugh at me.


But it was true that I was fascinated by the animation of big star ruby in the magazine.


The printing technology in 1950’s was not developed yet and the image in the magazine was far from the real.


From the childhood I was interested in arts specially in drawing and I was attracted to the pretty stones and I was collecting them, that eventually drew me to the jewelry world and further to the origin of the soul.


I became serious about going to learn the jewelry design.


First I had to pursue my parents who were very conservative in rural town.


However I managed to go to Tokyo where I completed two jewelry design schools in addition to a knitting school.


After many turns and twists I started my career in a big whole sale company at age of 27.


There, had to face the hard reality.


In order to challenge hurdles like doubts and anxiety, I entered to as many jewelry design contests as possible.


Some of them got awards.


During that time I tried to use the untraditional materials for my work like glass , lacquer, leather, wood, acryl and eloison.


And it turned to be a great success.



-Moare Series-


In 1982, World Gold Council sponsored the contest in Tokyo first time in Japan.


Around that time, I introduced the idea of using the metal engraved with the print of grain from the cedar tree by special technique.


Just then the large size of jewelry was in fashion and subsequently my new project “Moare series “ caught people’s attention.


And this project became the monument of my career. For my private life I gave the birth to my son .


And this break gave me the boost to my next step of my career.



- Brief visit to Italy-


A few years after I became a freelancer, I had an opportunity to visit Valencia in Italy.


There I learned the way of making the jewelry.


And I was looking for the local craftsman to collaborate on the new series of “Back to the nature “which eventually lasted for next ten years.


We have four distinctive seasons in Japan and people appreciate them.


I wonder how this phenomenon reflects in westerners mind.


And this thought led me to the “Nature “ series.


At this time metallic tones in my design shifted to the semi realistic.


In other words the style was changed from monotone to more intricate .



- Jewelry for the sake of art or the commercial objects?-


For my long career , I sometimes wonder if I really contented with the jewelry I design or if there are more potentials elsewhere.


Anyway what is the art? I have no answer for it.


And I think there is no need to devide the art and the commercial jewelry as long as consumers are satisfied.


I am just happy if I can deliver the excitement with jewelry.



- These days-


Three years ago the jewelry world got a big hit of depression like other industries and that effected the consumer’s attitude to the jewelry.


I was very frustrated being unable to manage the matter in the financial condition.


I wanted to bring out my feeling from the bottom of the heart as much as I could.


Meanwhile searching the route for the creation, “Cosmorose “series were born.



“Cosmorose”, award winning design.


In this project I wanted to enhance the warmth of universe.


By combining with non organic matter, acryl and organic materials, coral the warmth can be produced.


As a matter of fact, in my oncoming project, the main theme will be adapted by using the cut surface of acryl around us.


And I want to persuade the possibility of diversification in the nature.


Technically, my focus is how to maximize the clarity in 18k pin and how to design the light effectively.


And I had to provide the proper balance amang the materials.



-The prospects of my work-


In terms of the jewelry designing, my mind has been occupied by the details of form, size, color, materials or stories for long time.


However, now on, I would like to make the jewelry through something unable to form like light, shadow, wind, air or emotions.


At the same time I wish I will be able to introduce the jewelry not bound by the theme and free from the formality in the future.





1975 Educational foundation Mizuno school jewelry design department graduation


1978 The De Beers diamond design contest third place


1979 The fourth international platinum design contest Grand Prix



1980 The fifth international platinum design contest case choice


1980 Platinum mine inspection in South Africa


1982 The sixth international platinum design contest Grand Prix



1983 Platinum mine inspection in South Africa


1984 The ninth international platinum design contest Grand Prix



1984 All-Japan jewels and ornaments design contest Grand Prix


1984 World gold council Grand Prix and gold medal



1985 World gold council Grand Prix and gold medal



1985 South Africa Europe inspection Basel fairs exhibit it


1986年 Gold jewelry Tokyo designers collection exhibition


1988年 study in Valenza of Italy for a short term


1990年 Institute of Bunka clothes jewelry contest judge


1994年 Visit Beijing as the Chinese first jewelry design contest representative from Japan judge


1995年 Milan international jewels and ornaments exhibition exhibition


2004年 Yasuhiko Hishida memory JEWEL prize



Jewelry creative contest judge hosted by Mainichi Shimbun

Signed on Murao design development Co., Ltd.

Signed on Jeunet design development Co., Ltd.

Signed on Nobe store design development Co., Ltd.